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Testimonials from Customers, Clients and Colleagues

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Testimonials from Customers

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"I have found Mr. Saucedo to be a gentleman and a professional in all that he does. His determination to solve problems and willingness to see his projects through to completion are first class. When confronted with questions Mr. Saucedo is always willing to stop what he is doing and explain how things work. This was especially important for me because of my inexperience with computers and networking."

"Mr. Saucedo schooled me in network operations and computers at a time when I had very limited knowledge of how to manage and operate a large scale network. Mr. Saucedo was my �go-to� guy whenever I was confronted with a problem I couldn�t solve. I wish him luck and look forward to working with him again in the future. Mr. Saucedo would be an asset to whatever company that employed him."

Jeff P. Lindgren, Project Manager
Nassau County Traffic Management Center
Westbury, NY


"I have worked with Tony for 14 years on Ann Arbor�s traffic control system. He carries a wealth of knowledge for computers, networks, software programming, databases, communications to field equipment, remote system troubleshooting, and management that has proven invaluable over the years."

"He designed one of the first MARC master systems deployed that was used in Ann Arbor. He has also performed installation of MONARC in the late 90�s, conversion to Actra and SCOOT installation in 2003. This summer, with Tony�s assistance, we have installed a second SCOOT communication server to our Alphastation � a first for US based SCOOT systems."

"Our IT department has become more and more involved with our traffic control systems for support and system management. I have used Tony for reference (and assistance as needed) on every major change we have performed: database upgrades, server replacements, network integrations, software upgrades, workstations and laptops. His friendly nature makes him enjoyable to be around, and his expertise builds confidence in the work he does for your organization."

Kevin Braun
City of Ann Arbor


"Whether Tony is in the office or onsite, he is always working on multiple projects making the most efficient use of time possible. He answered calls for service no matter the hour and followed up in a timely fashion. He pursued all options until a solution is reached. He is always polite no matter what the level of frustration his customers may have."

Jim Herman,
City of Sparks, NV


"I have worked with Tony on projects and services provided by Siemens Transportation Solutions. Tony has always shown to be a knowledgeable and dedicated person who I can rely on to provide additional insight on technical information. He has good work ethics and is a pleasure to work with. He is a person I highly recommend."

John Thai,
Principal Traffic Engineer
City of Anaheim

Recommendations from Clients

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"HM hired Tony as a IT Consultant in 2003 and hired more than once. He is an expert at what he does, has high Integrity and is creative."

"Tony has to be one of the most responsible persons I have worked with. He is selflessly willing to do whatever he needs to do in order to complete the task."

Haris Domond,
Collier County, FL
June 10, 2009


..."We are very happy to work together with Mr. Tony Saucedo for Beijing traffic control project since 2005. The project objective was to build a whole traffic intelligent control system in Chinese capital, which manages more than 500 junctions in Beijing downtown. With Mr. Tony Saucedo�s dedicated support, this system had excellent performance in Beijing 2008 Olympic Games."...

Feng Wang
Project Manager
Traffic Solutions
Mobility Division
SIEMENS Ltd., China
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..."I have never met anyone in my career who has known more about computer systems, servers, and SQL database installations than Tony. He also was a tremendous help in setting up our LAN and WAN connections throughout the traffic network. We could not have done it without him."...

Christopher G. Clow
City of Burlington,
Traffic Engineer
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"I have worked in the transportation industry for over 33 years. I have had the pleasure to work with Tony on transportation products and services for several years. He has provided excellent service and support for a sophisticated central traffic signal system. I have relied on his knowledge and ability to communicate the problems and solutions."

"I regard him as an expert, effective and would welcome the opportunity to work with Tony in the future and regard him as an expert."

Fred Housman
Traffic Management Center Manager
City of Seattle

Recommendations from Colleagues

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"I have worked alongside Tony Saucedo for 12 years at Siemens and have learned that he is steady and accomplished in his work. Tony has repeatedly demonstrated that he is a teacher in his training presentations, exacting in problem solving, technically advanced in hardware and software for traffic control applications. Tony is also bi-lingual (English-Spanish) and quite capable of conveying complex technical to either audience. I highly recommend Tony Saucedo as a professional in his field of Traffic Control products."

Paul Wilson,
Manager of Contract Analysis
Legal Department, Siemens Industry, Inc.
December 12, 2010


"Tony is a strong individual with the ability to adapt to all types of circumstances. His technical expertise is extensive. He has been a great technical support and service person for us. He has always been willing to go the extra mile for customers and make sure that their needs are addressed.�

Matt Zinn,
Product Manager
Siemens Industry, Inc.
December 3, 2010


�Tony and I collaborated on several projects where he played a key role in system installation, maintenance and customer training. Tony always exhibited dedication and excellent leadership skills in organizing his group quickly and efficiently while juggling multiple accounts. His technical skills are broad and superb."

"Tony is always very enthusiastic, helpful and pure pleasure to work with. All of this resulted in excellent customer satisfaction and their high demand for Tony to continue to provide consultation and technical services with their various internal projects. I highly recommend Tony for any technical services management project.�

Jelena Mrvos,
Senior Software Engineer,
Siemens Industry, Inc.
December 2, 20


"Tony was one of the best employees that I have ever managed. Tony is detail oriented. His trouble shooting and debugging skills are second to none. Tony is the best networking and computer professional that I have worked with in the last 30 years."

"Tony would be a valuable asset for any company he worked for.
Tony gets my highest recommendation."

Arnold A. McLaughlin
Technical Service Manager,
Siemens Industry, Inc.
December 2, 2010


"I have known and worked with Tony Saucedo for over 15 years. Tony has been one of the support personnel at Siemens ITS and has assisted us in installing, troubleshooting and maintaining various traffic control systems..."

Jefferrey J. Smart
Senior Vice President Sales
Toronto, Canada

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 "La experiencia y responsabilidad de un trabajo bien ejecutado le han hecho acreedor a Tony Saucedo de mucha confianza ganada a lo largo del tiempo, resultado de varios proyectos ejecutados� iniciando con un proyecto "Semaforizacion del area de influencia de los tuneles de los Cerros Santa Ana y el Carmen" (Green field)  en la ciudad mas populosa de Ecuador, Guayaquil con el montaje e instalacion de una Central de trafico completa y sus posteriores fases de ampliacion, up grade en Hardware,� Software y constante soporte tecnico, complementandose con su buena disposicion para dar soluciones a las diferentes situaciones que se presentan en la ejecucion de proyectos.� Puntos clave que lo hacen merecedor de respeto como profesional y como excelente persona. "

Dipl.- Ing. Rolando Rivadeneira
Industrial Solutions & Mobility Manager
Siemens S.A. Ecuador


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